Saturday, 1 August 2009

Nemiver 0.7.1

The first bugfix release of the Nemiver 0.7.x series is out.

This version addresses various nits here and there, takes care of some low level details to make sure Nemiver works well with the Archer branch of GDB and contains some updated translations.

News file and tarball are available from the usual places.

Thanks to the continuous good work of my fellows distro packagers, the binaries should appear on a mirror near you in a couple of days.

For what it is worth, Fedora 10, 11, and Rawhide packages are available for the impatients.

Happy hacking.


hve said...

Nice work Dodji, a splendid tool! I was wondering though, if there were any plans to automatically save some sort of session data (open files/breakpoints, etc) within the executed directory. This way it could be picked up automatically next time it's run :) (I'm more of a terminal junky)

Dodji said...

@hve: Thanks :)

If you run the debugger by typing: "nemiver --last" It'll re-run the last program you were debugging, with your breakpoints.

In practice, wouldn't that be enough for your needs ?

hve said...

@Dodji: Yeah cool didn't know that.
Was trying to do `nemiver test-mem_func --last' but it complainded about invalid libraries :(

Needed todo:
`libtool --mode=execute nemiver test-mem_func`
`libtool --mode=execute nemiver test-mem_func --last`

and then it works perfectly, thanks!

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