Saturday, 18 October 2008

My trip to "Journées du logiciel libre" 2008

  • Woke up around 5h in the morning.
  • Arrived on time at the train station to pick up the TGV for Lyon
  • TGV departed on time, at 6h57 in the morningCaught Frédéric Peters at the bar, in the train. We took two petit déjeuner, café/croissant. You need that when you woke up at 5h something.
  • Went to seat near Frédéric's place so we did chat during all the journey to Lyon. Nice.
  • Arrived in Lyon on time at 9h00. Off to the tramway station.
  • Arrived at CPE around 9h30. We were lucky, the opening session of the JDLL was late so we were there on time for it...
  • Met some usual suspects like Rodolphe Quiedeville, Frédéric Couchet, Dave Neary, Fredix, Lucas and Misc (get yourself a web space!).
  • Attended the talk. Interesting.
  • Off to the GNOME booth. Met some new faces with whom we had some nice chats. Thanks to Dave, we could have some nice posters as well as a couple of Nokia tablets to show off GNOME Mobile. At some point, the Mozilla folks did even borrow us an N810 device to install Fennec on it to show it off. Nice.
  • Did my Nemiver talk. It went quite well. I had some nice questions at the end, even about the new stuff coming up in GDB. This alone could be the subject of a dedicated talk. Anyway, the slides of the talk are here.
  • After the talk Fredix took us (Frédéric and Guillaume Desrat, of Ruby fame) to a bar, near the train station. Had some nice chat there as well.
  • Took the TGV at 20h00, arrived on time at 22h00 in Paris.
  • Nice and exhausting day. A nice event all in all. I just wish there were more technical talks though. I think that event could gain in traction if more technical speakers could be invited. It'd have been nice to have an update of the last released Linux kernel,, GNOME, etc. I am quite confident that this could raise the awareness of this event amongst french speaking free free software enthousiasts.
  • Today (Saturday) the other GNOME folks have taken care of the booth there. I hope everything went well.


Mirsal Ennaime said...


It was nice to meet you there, as well as the other cool GNOME folks, i pretty much appreciated the brief but interesting discussions we had (I'm the Ubuntu / VideoLAN guy who took care of the Ubuntu-fr booth)
About technical talks, as the JDLL is an event mainly focused on introducing non-technical people to Free Software, they aren't the priority.
Anyway, I hope we'll meet again :)

fredix said...

Salut Dodji, j'ai été ravis de te revoir, c'est pas souvent !
Super discussion à propos de la communauté gcc, merci encore.

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