Monday, 26 May 2008

nemiver 0.5.3

Following my wish to push Nemiver releases more frequently I have released Nemiver 0.5.3 yesterday. That opus brought quite a number of bugfixes to the light and is the first nemiver release to work on FreeBSD thanks to the awesome work of Romain Tartière.

Just to give an idea of what got fixed, we did remove the libgnome dependency, made the GDB/MI parser be a bit more resiliant, improved the menu items sensitivity state management at the user interface level, and many other things.

Quite a number of people have filed bugs and enhancement requests since the previous released version and I was very happy about that. It is not easy to file a bug about a debugger when you are using it to debug your own code in the first place. So a big thank you those who are taking the time to do that. It is really appreciated.

Now I am back to hacking again, and I hope to be on time for another release next month :-)

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