Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Xephyr XVideo and GL has landed

I forgot to say that the Xephyr XVideo and GL hack I talked about earlier has landed in git master some while ago.

So now, to get the sources you can do:

git clone git:// xserver.git

To compile:

cd xserver.git

./ --prefix=/your/prefix --enable-debug --enable-xephyr --enable-kdrive --disable-xorg --disable-dmx --disable-xorgcfg --disable-xcalibrate --disable-xsdl --enable-dri --enable-glx --with-mesa-source=/your/mesa/chekout --disable-xprint --enable-builtin-fonts --disable-tslib

Oh, you have to have a recent mesa as well. To you can get it with:

git clone git:// mesa.git

I personally use jhbuild to compile xorg stuff. If you have not tried it yet, you should give it a try because it eases dependencies management a lot. You can follow the instructions given here.

Mandatory screenshot:

Enjoy !


Arialia said...

Bonjour je suis très intéressée par cette version de Xephyr

cela a-t-il un rapport avec la version scaling de Matthew Allum ?

Par contre j'ai du mal à la compiler , un peu rouillée en compilation linux :D

com123 said...

M.E Grant - I can hardly believe that it could either.. I'd guess maybe late at night, in specific markets, perhaps.

Hey Enrique, looking forward to this too. The tidbits I've come across definitely look interesting.
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